Is your MOT due again? Are you looking for an MOT garage in Oxford? With Spanner Works, you can count on our Professional and Reliable team to provide you with your MOT.

The MOT is a mandatory yearly requirement for your vehicle over 3 years old to ensure it is safe on the road. Every vehicle over 3 years of age needs an MOT test, and if you have carefully maintained your car, your vehicle can likely pass the MOT test easily. While most people understand that they need an MOT test, they are often unsure about what is tested.

During the MOT test, various aspects of your vehicle will be checked to ensure their safety. These include components such as steering, suspension, brakes, tyres, and wheel body structure, among others. The test also checks your vehicle’s exhausts and fuel emissions. You can also do some pre-MOT checks at home before you bring your vehicle to us.

For car owners in Oxford, Oxford City Centre & West Oxford, Spanner Works is a local garage you can trust. You can book your MOT test using our easy-to-use online booking tool, simply enter your vehicle registration number to get started with the booking process.